Hi Ken,

This is Spencer's Mom, Rhonda, and we ALL wanted to send out a huge "THANK YOU" for the AWESOME pics you sent us of Spencer and Thunderstruck. We just looked at them now and all of us could not believe what AMAZING pics you took of that day!! I guess that's why you're a professional!! You definitely captured the moments of the day, "Kodak moments" for sure.

So thanks again, that was really nice of you and we really appreciate you sending them along. We will forward your name and number to anyone looking for a great photographer.


Rhonda, Doug & "Rock Star Spence"


I lovvvvve the pics. Fantastic job, it was so hard to pic my favorites and narrow them down to post on facebook. I just love the casual shots too. I am going to put your web page name on for referrals if thats OK? I couldn't wait to show them off. Thanks again!

Stefani Savoca Cassista



These are ALL phenomenal photos, and are probably the best batch the band has ever had shot of a live performance!

Steve Birnstihl, Manager, Northern Harbour